As this is specifically ONLY a trip for and about photography, we need to set clear expectations for you and your team as you travel with us.

  1. We respect everyone on the team for their style and photography. Come with an open mind as you travel with us. You’re expected to be open minded and teachable. You’re welcome to share your knowledge but be ready to accept critique as well.

  2. You will need to provide your own travel insurance. We do not take any responsibility of any accidents, theft, or damaged items during our trips. That is solely on every individual to acquire travel insurance for themselves and their belongings.

  3. This is a dedicated and precious time for us to do photography. It’s expected that we do a “full day” of photography. That means walking to locations, meeting people, taking photos, setting up equipment, developing film, printing in the darkroom, coffee and meal breaks, and visiting galleries. We love to have fun and be efficient! We want to make sure that in these trips your can gain the maximum amount of time and space to start and complete your photography concept!

  4. Above all else, we desire that we can act and work with respect and kindness towards everyone because we hope at the end of these trips it’s the beginning of new friendships. Our goal is that through these trips we are able to build a community of photographers who will support and partner with one another in the future.

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Important :

Choosing to publicly or privately share work of any photographer without their consent, joining a trip with an ulterior motive, and/or shaming, dishonoring, or humiliating another person and/or their work repetitively will forcefully lead us to ending our partnership with you without question. We do not tolerate any of the aforementioned. If you choose to go against any of these expectations and values of The Developing Tank, your future applications and current partnership with us will be invalid and we will no longer work with you. As well your work will be pulled out of any future promised project that we have previously agreed to.