Below are unedited testimonials from our past workshop participants.


Eric, USA / Florence #2 2018/ Instagram

I couldn’t have been more pleased with this workshop. Lina and Taylor were fantastic hosts and educators, both showing us around the darkroom and enabling our exploration of the great city of Florence through our lenses. They were able to provide a learning experience that met me where I was as a learner, and the lab facilities were truly stunning. I left Lina and Taylor having learned a surprising amount in one week, and it exceeded my expectations in every way. 

Cédric, CHE / Florence #2 2018/ Instagram

Lina et Taylor sont des personnes passionnées par ce qu'elles font et cette énergie se ressent tout au long du workshop. Ils m'ont redonné la motivation pour faire plus de chambre noir et pousser toujours plus loin la qualité des tirages que je réalise, merci!


Shannon, USA / Florence #1 2018/ Instagram

I had an amazing time at the Florence Workshop. The experience went above and beyond my expectations. It’s been such a long time since I’ve had the opportunity to shoot, process and make prints all in such a short period of time. 

One reason I chose this workshop was because of the experience and passion of both Taylor and Lina.  

The main reason I chose this workshop was the opportunity to spend a week exploring a new place, while having discussions and sharing ideas about Film Photography and what it means to us. And the whole time I felt supported by the instructors and extremely inspired by the other students. 

The DevTankPhoto experience is definitely worth it. Our time was very well planned out each day — most often we were either out Shooting, or in the Darkroom Processing and Printing our work. And there was also some flexibility built into the schedule which gave us options when we needed. There was a lot of walking, which was great because we got to see so much of the city. We had a few sightseeing opportunities, like the Alinari Archives where we got to see prints by photographers like Eugene Atget, Ansel Adams! 

If you enjoy or want to learn about the process of shooting film then this is the workshop for you. Take the plunge and go for it!


Hollie, USA / Budapest #1 2018

The Budapest workshop was great and helped me find my creative juices again. I fell back in love with film photography and the darkroom. I also needed to learn to be creative again and get out of my "business" mindset with photography and I needed to be reminded of how fun photography is.

I would definitely do one of these workshops again! Everyone was so supportive, helpful and great to hang out with. You never felt insecure about your work or shy to try something new, and Rebecca and Taylor were very encouraging.


Will, USA / Florence #1 2018 / Instagram

My time in the workshop was great! The city was amazing, the lab where we worked was beautiful and the group of participants worked well together! I really enjoyed getting to spend time focusing on something that I love and getting to be around people who share the same passion for analog photography.

One of the major things that I learned was how to split filter print in the darkroom. It was something that I had heard about in college and had experimented with a little bit but never really had a solid understanding or basis for how to do it. 

Even after a year post-graduation I had still been feeling burnt out in photography and this workshop helped greatly to re-light a fire underneath me and to push me forward to make new work, and for that I'm greatly appreciative. 

Taylor and Lina are both excellent teachers whose styles compliment each other well!

Tomas, SE / Florence #1 2018 / Instagram

 I learned so much about analog photography, film processing and darkroom work. 

Since this was the first time in my life I've worked with film processing and darkroom work, I must say that those were the two major things. But also how to work more efficiently with my Rolleiflex. Previously I always used my digital camera as a light meter at almost every shot. But Taylor showed me how to use the nifty graph on the back of the Rolleiflex. In this way I learned how to manually calculate which settings to use based on the current light and shadows in my surroundings. So I must say that this was also one of the things I learned. 

Advice for future participants who want to join? 
Just do it. Buy lots of film and go for it.


Jonathan, USA / Florence #1 2018 / Instagram

What a great experience being gathered with like-minded people devoted to learning more about their passion with instruction and guidance from two people pursuing theirs.  The energy and excitement of everyone was palpable and I would highly recommend The Developing Tank Workshop to anyone willing to learn more about their craft.


Amy Ossola, AU/ Budapest #1 2018 / Instagram

I loved making a few new friends, and having the chance to delve into my photography - something I don't allow much time for ordinarily. I learned how to print in the darkroom! A long time dream. I also had the chance to practice some street photography, and felt challenged to pursue this more. 


Gerald, DE / Nuremberg #1 2018 / Instagram

I had a lot of fun and enjoyed the time together very much - quite interesting to break out of your day to day routine, meet new people / other photographers and talk about your passion. The workshop gave me so much - a lot of new impressions, different points of view, new impulses to think about. But mainly: stop thinking, just go close and do it. Advice for future participants who want to join? 
DO IT! There is so much to gain, you only can win.