Pinhole Photography + Darkroom Workshop
Slovenia x Hungary
Sep 30 - Oct 5, 2019


Dates : Monday Sep 30 - Saturday Oct 5, 2019
Days :  6 Days
Group : 4-6 participants
Price : €1,500
Deadline/End of Registration : September 1, 2019

Registration fee : €500
*Non-refundable fee. This will secure your spot in the Workshop. The remaining amount is due by Sep 1, 2019.

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Included :

  • Airbnb housing

  • Photography instructors and guides

  • Darkroom Chemicals

  • Darkroom Paper

  • Full Darkroom Access

  • One meal a day

  • ONDU Pinhole Camera Rental

NOT Included :

  • Flights

  • Visas

  • Any leisure activity

  • Travel and health insurance

  • Film

  • Personal Photography Equipment / Tripods


Pinhole photography is the very first and basic method of photography and goes hand-in-hand with darkroom printing. Pinhole photography brings you back to the basics of analog photography and benefits every photographer on all levels. You feel that you’re creating something from scratch while controlling every aspect of the photograph, leaving unique and beautiful results for you to print in the darkroom. ONDU Pinhole Cameras and The Developing Tank are partnering together for an incredible 6 day workshop of Pinhole Photography and Darkroom Printing. Half of the workshop will take place in Bohinj, Slovenia near the ONDU headquarters and the other half will take place in Budapest, Hungary where The Developing Tank Studios is located.

This will be a workshop emphasizing on pinhole photography, landscapes, darkroom printing technique, and film. We will meet in Slovenia where we will have an Airbnb in the beautiful countryside of Bohinj. You will use one ONDU camera of your choice during the Workshop and you will receive teaching on pinhole photography and the use of an ONDU camera. After our first half of the Workshop we will drive a few hours to Budapest, Hungary and begin processing and developing our film, and of course printing our beautiful landscape pinhole photographs! You will have four Instructors during your time; Jessi and Elvis from Ondu Cameras and Taylor and Rebecca from The Developing Tank. Below are your Instructors profile and their portfolios. This is a workshop you don’t want to miss!

Ondu Pinhole Photo by Lance Roth

Ondu Pinhole Photo by Lance Roth

Selection and Requirements

• This workshop is for beginning, amateurs, or professionals alike. You can be completely new to photography or have photographed landscapes for 20 years.

• The workshop is open to 4 participants minimum and 6 participants max and places will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

• Photographers from all levels are welcome!

Budapest Workshop in March 2019

Budapest Workshop in March 2019

Workshop Information

  • Mentoring by both The Developing Tank and ONDU Cameras.

  • Pinhole Photography 101 and the use of one ONDU Camera.

  • Practical work and feedback.

  • An intensive three days of photography the landscapes and mountains of Bohinj, Slovenia.

  • An intensive three days of darkroom printing in Budapest, Hungary.

  • Group portfolio reviews including advice on work and personal development.

  • Learning the process of developing film.

  • Learning how to print using the split grade technique.

  • Learning how to mix and use darkroom chemicals.

  • Supervised Darkroom printing sessions.

  • Connecting with a group of like-minded photographers.

  • One community meal a day + coffee, tea, and snacks everyday.

Below are photos from our Budapest Workshop in March 2019.

Your Instructors

ONDU Pinhole / Elvis & Jessi

cropped team.jpg

ONDU was started back in 2012 with the introduction of the first ONDU Pinhole cameras. 

Elvis Halilović, the designer of ONDU, has been experimenting with pinhole photography since 2007, which which led him to explore many alternative photographic techniques from wet plates to direct positive processes. Jessi-Lynn Rubin joined the team this past year to work with ONDU and assist in each step of the ONDU camera creation process. 

The Developing Tank / Taylor Pool & Rebecca McCaigue


Taylor Pool, the creator of The Developing Tank, has been involved in black and white analog photography for 15 years, along with darkroom experience since 12 years. The last years he’s experimented in toning and alternative processes in the darkroom, such as lith printing, and is always excited to share his passion and knowledge about developing, printing, toning, and plain and simple photography.


Rebecca McCaigue lives and works primarily in Budapest. Since 2001 her medium is black and white film which she shoots on a medium format camera, and prints and develops in her darkroom. She started teaching photography in 2006 and discovered that she likes especially sharing technical aspects of photography that she learned through her profession.


If we feel that we need to move the trip to different dates because of weather or cancel because any unforeseen activity that's out of our control, then we will do so to benefit your personal safety!