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SEP 21 - 23


Street Photography. Publication & Photo Books 101.
Photo Exhibition. Personal Portfolio Review.

What will happen :
+ Street Photography in old town Nuremberg
+ Session about Self Publishing Photo books
+ Visiting a Photography Exhibition in old town
+ Personal Portfolio Review
+ Composition in Street Photography
+ Learning how to approach strangers
+ Coaching you in your personal concept(s)
+ In depth look at concepts thru photography publications
+ Connecting with other photographers
+ One community meal a day + coffee, tea, and snacks everyday

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Tim Heubeck, also known as wasteoffilm, is a photographer based in Germany. He exclusively works on long-term projects and has subsequently published a total of five photography books since he started to photograph around eight years ago. 

His personal work is solely shot on black & white film and can be described as mysterious; almost to an otherworldly extent. “My ultimate purpose in photography is to show the world how it looks through my eyes, while capturing a timeless feel of the world. It is less about how things that we are familiar with look like, than moreover with what lays beyond the surface.“

Regarding his teaching experience, Tim has held his own workshop on self-publishing photo books. He has gained an in-depth understanding of the medium through his own publications, but also through studying the craft intensely through his personal collection of photo books.

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Traveling to over 25 countries since 2008, Taylor Pool has seen a new kind of beauty and culture that has left him the desire to see and search for more. From the average person on the street, to an Ethiopian village farmer, Roma families in their mud huts, English folk dancers, and rickshaw drivers in Bangladesh, Taylor photographs all kinds of people, cultures, races, and ethnicities. Taylor's Grandpa taught him that "There's no such thing as a stranger." That is the essence of Taylor's photography, seeing the human, friend, and person in all of us and everyone that he photographs. 

He exclusively shoots black and white analog because it allows him to work with his own negatives and photographs in the darkroom. He has released two zines in 2017 and is currently working on his debut book about Istanbul. 


If we feel that we need to move the trip to different dates because of weather or cancel because any unforeseen activity that's out of our control, then we will do so to benefit your personal safety!