This series was taken during the Budapest Workshop March 2018. All photos are scanned darkroom prints.



What was some highlights for you from the workshop? I really enjoyed getting to experience working in the darkroom again and develop my own work. It was great to be able to "nerd" out with other photographers who also share the same joy in photos, to not feel like your competing but simply conversing with others who enjoy the same things. 

Can you explain why you chose bw film? 
Portraiture has always been my focus in photography but now I am starting to shoot street photography or concept photography. I just did a "personality in color" concept that I'm excited about.

What’s one of your focus themes with photography? I hope that when I take pictures it's showing people the subjects personality and true self. I want pictures to be an unedited as possible and in the natural environment.

How do you use photography or relate to it?
Being able to stop a moment forever in time, capturing a memory that I can see for years to come. 

Favorite aspect about photography? 
I'm always drawn to capturing pictures of people, particularly kids, but I want the "Kodak" unexpected moments. I like trying to capture their moments of pure joy, sorrow, everyday emotions. 

What would be a typical subject you’d be natural drawn to photograph? 
I want to grow in my street/concept photography. I am trying to break out of the business mindset of photography that I've always shot with.