This trip was a phenomenal time in a huge and vibrant city! We found Istanbul to be a clash of cultures in a beautiful way. You have the city split in two continents; Europe and Asia. As well you have the strong sense of the youth wanting to break away from the traditional older generation. Packed with tourists and locals doing what they've been doing for many generations; fishing at the docks in the mornings, selling fresh bread and tea on the streets, making delicious fresh pomegranate juice for you in the moment. 

This trip was a 7 day trip, which we felt that it was a little too long, we could've done it in 5-6 days. Everyday we were out walking and taking the tram to various parts of the city. Our hostel was calm, quiet and very hospitable; providing breakfast every morning and having the access to the hostel 24/7. 

Our main area of focus was Karaköy and Taksim area, and we stayed in Sultanahment near Eminönü. One photographers concept was strictly at night to attain neon lighting in the portraits while my concept was at day to get the street portraits I needed. 

Later in 2018 you will see the concepts from this trip, which we are so excited for you to see!