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JUNE 25 - 29

Photos below are from the actual Florence Workshop from June 2018.

This workshop is the second workshop of the year for The Developing Tank! We are so excited to bring you this workshop in the glorious city of Florencebirthplace of the Renaissance. You will have two instructors, Taylor Pool & Lina Bessonova, both full time analog darkroom photographers working specifically in street portraiture and still life. 

What will happen :
+ Introduction to Composition & Conceptual Photography
+ Personal coaching on your specific concept
+ Film processing & printing contact sheets
+ Supervised Darkroom printing sessions
+ Sepia and Selenium Toning
+ Tour of the oldest photo archive in the world, Fratelli Alinari
+ Connecting with a group of like-minded photographers
+ Visiting the famous sites of Florence
+ Creating a six month plan for each individual

From our workshop in Budapest earlier this year, we saw how educational and inspiring it was to have a group of photographers together for 5 days. We are excited to create this atmosphere of photographers working towards their personal goals while learning new techniques in their field. Florence is absolutely gorgeous in the summer and we will have a lot of time to do photography on the street and visiting the famous sites. 

This workshop is for photographers, beginners or professional, who are looking to advance their skill and knowledge in film, darkroom, and conceptual photography. Whether you've never done it before, or you've been printing for the last year, you feel stuck as an artist and in your concept, or you want to have a dedicated week of photography with like-minded photographers, please join us either way as it will be a time solely dedicated to photography and connecting with other artists.