March 25 - 29

We are excited to head back to Budapest, the Heart of Europe in March! It’s a city with a rich history in photography and a wonderful place to explore and get lost in. We will have full access to a big darkroom in the middle of downtown. As well we will visit many classic photography galleries (Robert Cappa and House of Photography) You will have two instructors, Taylor Pool & Rebecca McCaigue, both full time analog darkroom photographers working specifically in portraiture, as well as colleague and friends who have worked together in photography since 2010. Read about both of your instructors below!

What will happen :
+ Learning the process of developing film
+ Printing Contact Sheets from your film
+ Learning how to print using the traditional archival method
+ Supervised Darkroom printing sessions
+ Visiting Photography Galleries and Exhibitions
+ Connecting with a group of like-minded photographers
+ Personal Portfolio Review
+ One community meal a day + coffee, tea, and snacks everyday
+ Exploring the ancient East European city of Budapest

This workshop is for photographers, beginners or professional, who are looking to advance their skill and knowledge in film and darkroom photography. Whether you've never done it before, or you've been printing for the last year, you feel stuck as an artist and in your concept, or you want to have a dedicated week of photography with like-minded photographers, please join us either way as it will be a time solely dedicated to photography and connecting with other artists.

Your Instructors

Rebecca McCaigue Taylor Pool


Rebecca McCaigue lives and works primarily in Budapest. She was trained as an advertising photographer but discovered that she’d rather work with people she met while traveling than taking photos of products.

Since 2001 her medium is black and white film which she shoots on a medium format camera, and prints and develops in her darkroom. Additional to that she discovered color Polaroid negatives a few years ago which she scans and prints digitally.

She started teaching photography in 2006 and discovered that she likes especially sharing technical aspects of photography that she learned through her profession.

Rebecca’s subjects are found at places while she travels, as well as people she lives and works with. Recently she started working on infrared black and white city portraits. Working full time in a Non-Profit Organization her heart is to give a voice and dignity to minority groups while protecting their identity.

Taylor Pool has been involved in black and white analog photography for 15 years now, along with darkroom experience since 12 years. He specializes in street photography and portraits and has traveled to over 25 countries on different occasions with various photo equipment. From lugging studio lights in a village in Ethiopia, tripod and Mamiya RZ67 in roma villages in Romania, and strolling the streets of England with his Rolleflex, he’s experienced a lot in portrait and street photography. Since 2017 he’s produced two zines, one about “Morris Culture of England” and the other titled, “SURVIVAL” from Thessaloniki, Greece. Since 2009 he’s been training and teaching photography in Germany while taking groups to various countries on 1-2 month trips where they would combine social work with photography.

He exclusively shoots black and white analog because it allows him to work with his own negatives and photographs in the darkroom.  The last years he’s experimented in toning and alternative processes in the darkroom, such as lith printing, and is always excited to share his passion and knowledge about developing, printing, toning, and plain and simple photography.