The Developing Tank is here to help photographers to advance their skill and knowledge in photography, take you from being “alone” and into a team that’s online and in person, and to develop a circle where we can share, critique, and learn from one another on a regular basis.

The idea started when Taylor Pool and small group of photographers went to Thessaloniki, Greece in Nov 2016 and how he saw this group of photographers work together and work on their own personal concepts in very efficient ways. He became more inspired and excited seeing these photographers come alive when they were given the time and space to work on their own ideas, and at the end of the day sharing with one another on what they did and what they could do better. As well, during traveling and living in Europe he became friends with many photographers who were spread out in Europe. He felt the need connect and partner knowing the benefit of having a larger wide-spread community of photographers.

Often we talk about ideas and dreams, but most of the time they just stay in that beginning stage of being an “idea”. This circle is here to help you get your ideas out onto film and digital photographs. The Developing Tank has international partners based in Europe. Take a look below to see who's a partner with The Developing Tank.

Taylor Pool / Nuremberg, Germany
Rebecca McCaigue / Budapest, Hungary
Tim Heubeck + Waste Of Film / Nuremberg, Germany